Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eldar Outflanking maniacs

Okay, so I was flipping through pages, remembering my original post on Illic Nightspear.  Obviously people tried him out and you haven't seen much of him since.  I made a case for him in my post below:

Illic Nightspear!

Now I was not focusing on Illic as an ally at the time, but I have had some time to think about that and about lists that don't center specifically on Illic.

Illic is a ridiculous ally actually.  His battle brothers can use him to grant outflanking to a unit!  There are a large number of units that would not just benefit from the melee and shooting presence he adds, but also the mobility.

So I went and made a quick rundown on some of the fantastic options I found for this.

The first was pointed out to me by a friend of mine.  The ability to outflank Wraithguard or Wraithblades was tremendously scary.  No chance whatsoever to knock them out of their Wave Serpent.  They could travel in a FULL strength unit as compared to the smaller half unit they normally must come in if they want mobility (and they do).  This alone would make me a LOT more excited about Illic if I were one looking for the chance to use the model.  Its a fantastically scary proposition.

Here's another thought for you Generals of the Unorthodoxy Empire:  Karandras the Shadow Hunter no longer has the restriction of having to join an Aspect Warrior group.  Whuuuuuu?  True words.  Those who use Wraith armies could in theory use both Karandras the Shadow Hunter as well as Illic Nightspear to give their TWO Wraithguard/Wraithblade units outflank.  Can you imagine the havoc of having melee capable characters added to those units, let alone the sudden appearance of and destruction by said units?  Locking them up would be no picnic with Karandras and he'd get THEIR majority toughness, making him VERY hard to kill and an excellent sponge if the situation called for it.

This also means that the Dark Eldar can outflank their Beast Masters, or worse, use Illic to infiltrate them easily within striking distance in round 1.  Going second?  No problem!  Enemy has to kill them all or risk the charge and Beasts don't miss that often.  Frightening.  In fact Dark Eldar could bring a unit of fast striking Hellions or scourges on to make contesting easy ( in the case of Hellions) or tank hunting safer (in the case of the otherwise potentially deep striking Scourges).  And oh the beauty of bringing my Grotesques entirely across the board.  THAT would be awesome.

On the Tau front, you also have options.  The Tau codex already fields one of the most deployment tool rich codex's there is and it has always been that way.  But imagine what the addition of Karandras would do for an outflanking or infiltrating unit of Kroot.  Karandras and his 2+ save and stealth will protect them in any terrain for quite a while and will make going second from infiltrate position a much safer and more sure prospect.  While the Tau codex certainly benefits less from the synergies, it's still pretty awesome to contemplate.

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  1. For feths sake... That is ridiculously awesome. I've never seen anyone do this but... man... It makes SO much sense for a Wraith army.

    I'm telling you... Some of the stuff you put up here is gold. Even those who don't agree need to know people like you are out there waiting for them on the battlefield. I wonder how many times your enemies look at you sideways. I bet they don't afterwards.


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