Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dark Eldar are coming

I have decided to plunge my fist into the ichor and play these dark and soul depleted depravities.

For this army I will be making not just an army, but a spectacle for young and old, boys and girls of all ages.  For this is no ordinary army.   No no.  It is the Dark Minagerie, a Circus whose morbid creratures are put on display and tortured to the paying publics delight,  that they might experience the thrill of suffering without it being they that do so.

We will start with Ring number 1, the Statis Tubes where the Talos Pain Engines and Cronos are held temporarily at rest behind green hued electrofields designed to stop their soul siphoning ability when not in use.  The children delight in taunting the behemoths and teasing them with their tender youthful flesh so deliciously close, yet separated by an energy field that makes the proximity effectively miles from clawed reach.

Above it all we see the flying trapeze where the Hellions do death defying stunts on wycheboards whilst the coiling monomolecular lines around them threaten to cleave them in twain with every stunt, whilst the Wracks watch hungrily below, eating anything and anyone foolish enough to wander for a closer look.

The wracks are the guardians of the second ring within which a deadly fight amongst ther grotesqueries of the galaxy rages senselessly on.  They fight, bicker and gouge one another for Urien Rakarths favor and the whim of the Haemonculae.

And in the final ring, leaping through fiery edifices are the unholy terrors of nightmare, tamed by their Beastmasters and forced to do tricks for the crowd, like eating a small boy in a single bound.

Indeed the cruelty of the dark eldar is thrown into sharp releif here, a reminder to every spectator that one false step can be your last, and so also an exhortation to suck the marrow from every moment whilst you still may.

The army will be the toughest army ever to grace a battlefield and Rakarths creations have formed a circus the entirety of the Dark City wants to see.  And it now has openings in its many caged Raider Transports for you and your forces for the delight of the crowds appetities.  So beware the sound of the popcorn maker and the dark ticket taker...  Coming soon to your segmentum will be the greatest show in the galaxy.