Sunday, January 31, 2016

Astra Militarum Enginseers for the win!

So I was skimming through the Imperial Guard Codex and realized there were a couple of interesting tidbits in there that I hadn't seen used, but that could be very useful.

The codex allows you to take Regimental Advisors and they don't take up any Force organization slots (though their battlefield role is that of an HQ).  Engenseers are kind of an interesting unit.  People rarely take them, but they have an ability called Awaken the Machine.  Any one vehicle within 12" can gain Power of the Machine Spirit!

Imagine that you take three Regimental Advisors and they are Enginseers.  What could be the benefits?

Hail Hydra!

Three Hydras or Wyverns in a unit could fire at six different targets!  Imagine being able to split up their fire and forcing 3-6 Jinks on three different Flying Monstrous Creatures or the like.  Or perhaps landing barrages on a large number of units.  This not only saves the other two Heavy Support Slots for things, but doesn't make you regret not taking more of them in some games where the board gets flooded with such things.  Daemon Flying Circus type lists could learn to dislike what the Enginseer is doing for this unit!  Better still, if you move at Combat speed, since Hydras and Wyverns aren't fast, their firepower reduce considerably.  The Enginseers make the unit more mobile and able to move away from danger without losing as many shots!  This is an important point!

Cornered Like a Rat

When the Manticore gets cornered by drop units, what better way to say I love you than keeping your eyes downfield and pummeling what must be pummeled while still being able to bring the Heavy flamer to bear on the drop unit right next to it?

All Guns...FIRE!

Leman Russ's are often fielded with just their cannon because the ordinance rule stops the tanks from actually firing a second weapon anyways.  The Enginseer lets you fire down on the hordes while lancing something with your LasCannon, which makes the tank a dual threat again

The Taurox Prime (specifically) is an excellent vehicle and there are tims when you do wish you could afford to mix the weapons on it but its impractical.  The Taurox Prime Battle Cannon and the Autocannon it can wield form a pretty good tandem for killing vehicles but there's times when you'd love to unleash TL STR 4 AP 3 on a unit that's threatening to charge while still able to take your shot at a downfield vehicle.  The Enginseers would allow you to mix in the Volley Gun with the Battle Cannon so you'd have a "close support gun" type of a situation on the Taurox Prime and not have to waste the Battle Cannon on the nearby Marines.  In fact this really goes for any IG vehicle where you have a Long range weapon and a closer range one.  Once someone gets close to you, you kind of get forced to choose rather than being able to use both weapon to their respective strengths.

Waste Not, Want not

The Vendetta rarely takes the Heavy Bolter Sponsons because it always ends up snap firing one as flyers can fire only four weapon in a round.  Typically those would be the three Lascannons and so two Heavy Bolters that you pay for ends up being one, plus a snap shot on another.  Is that terrible?  A discussion for a different time but with the Enginseer anywhere within 12", you'll get the full use of that expenditure.

At the end of the day this ignores the ability the Enginseer has to repair your actual Hull points and/or Immobilized/Weapon destroyed results which is what most people think about in regards to the Enginseer.

From Hell's Heart, I Stab at Thee!

The Enginseer has other virtues.  His is not typically going to be in a frontline combat role.  However he can take objectives for you like any unit and he's tougher than most guardsman with a 3+ save.  His Servitors have a 4+ save which is pretty good.  This little unit can pump out a little pain on the charge.  The Enginseer has an odd combination of weapons.  He comes with a Specialist Servo Arm and a non-specialist Power Axe +Pistol.  So you can use either one but he's going last regardless.  So on the charge you probably want to make use of the Servo arm and perhaps not in subsequent rounds just to keep your number of attacks as high as they can be.  He and a unit of servitors will always swing last but they have the potential to throw out 12 STR 6 AP 1 attacks on the charge.  That's pretty far from terrible if you're forced to defend the Machines from assaulty interlopers.  They can sport a pair of Plasma Cannons in the unit which also is far from terrible.

A full on unit of these is 120 points and bring two Plasma Cannon to the party plsu all their assault ability.  That's really economical firepower and with a lot of support for the armor that goes beyond just hoping there's enough left of a vehicle to even fix.  The added mobility it gives the list and the extra firepower it allows seem pretty great outcomes for a unit that contributes in both the melee phase and the shooting phase as well.

If you are one who really likes armored corps, I'd rather have a unit of these around my vehicles to protect them than 100 point vet squad with Meltaguns.  The Enginseers unit will have superior range and deadly firepower just like the Vets and they wont die as quickly.  They are a serious threat in melee and even though stronger units will wipe them out, that would have been true of the vets too, so you're not LOSING anything against those.  But you're gaining a lot against midline assault units or worse.

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