Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Ork Bowling Ball

As my friend has kindly shipped me all his orks more or less, I have been entertaining ways to use them and also kind of poking at the army in the general way.

A few things.  First, this codex is extremely typical of GW's new direction.  The codex is meant to play as it "should" with less regard (but not NO regard) to whether that happens to be uber powerful or not.

Their obvious focus was to make the hordes more common in games of 40K.  Hordes aren't.  While the Blob squad is the well known break with that, lets face it, even Tyranids don't tend to horde that much, nor do Chaos Daemons and Sisters of Battle don't do it that often either.  Are there exceptions?  Obviously.  But am I wrong?  No.

So one of the most interesting things I noticed BEFORE this codex was just how massively effective Meganobz were.  With that in mind I notice that the Ork codex allows you to ball up 100 orks, of which 10 are Nobz, and roll them like a bowling ball at someones army!  Now having seen the carnage 10 Meganobz can do, this idea has REAL appeal because the ablative wounds of the bowling ball make the MegaArmour unnecessary, really.  Plus you can make their little buddies into Ard Boyz which makes a BIG difference in the power of that bowling ball!

I was very enamoured of this and tried it out just as a what if.  I rolled it across the field to the 22 inch mark on round one.  Because of 4+ armor and cover, I lost just 8 orks from the unit, most of it from exploding trukks I used to cover my approach sicne only the things right in frotn could see us and they were mostly gunning for vehicles.

In round 2 I rolled the bowling ball forward again to the 30 inch mark (2" on the run) and moved another trukk and my only Battle Wagon up for cover.  Here again, lost about 16 orks and the enemy started scattering except the land Raider which held its ground trying to kill the Battle Wagon.

So when I finally hit the enemy with it, in round 3 on a WAAAAAAAAGH, I engulfed the Chaos Space Marines front lines with so many Klaw attacks that at the end of it, there were two dead predators that just couldn't escape, a dead Chaos Space Marine unit, a dead Abaddon and dead Chaos Land Raider plus the orks had the AA gun!!!  Wowa.  WS 5 to the unit (from the Warlord) and like 45 Klaw attacks was more than enough.  At this point the game was essentially over but there were the usual civilities of allowing him his bottom of the third turn to turn it around.

I was expecting pretty good results, but that is just toooooooo many orks to deal with and if you have a way to block lines of sight (and Trukks + BatWagons + Buggies does do a nice job of at least obscuring it) the unit is just like a bowling ball thrown flawlessly at the poor unfortunate wooden pins.

Now certain tournaments will not allow more than one Formation and so at most you'll get one bowling ball and it really is a lot of points.  But is that not the most orky thing you an imagine?  And the fact that its near impossible for the Nobz to get hit until its far too late is simply awesome.  The unit loses none of its essential killing power; and the rest of the army is mostly in charge of advancing and cutting off escape.