Monday, January 27, 2014

Melee Oriented 40K Armies

You might have noticed that I've been focusing a lot of attention on the issue of melee oriented armies.  One of the most popular blogs I ever did was covering how to make Blood Angels work in 6E and it continues to see hits long after I posted it:

Blood Angels...Git 'em

People really enjoy the type of game that melee oriented armies provide.  It is really and truly a different feel.  The visceral fun that it is to heft your opponents head up on a pike is kinda... awesome.

As we know, there really IS no such thing as an entirely melee oriented army and in the 41st Millennium, why should there be to be honest.  It's absurd.  Japan was the last significant nation to try focusing on the warrior and not the gun.  I promise you, that was a long time before the 41st millennium!

So what's all this focus on melee oriented armies for?  I mean every codex, EVEN the Tyranids, allows you to bring massive bombardments down on the enemy in large numbers.  A Tyranid army can effectively drop 12 large blasts in rapid succession and it costs them a very affordable 450 points or so.  Yeah it's probably a bit of a shock the first time it happens.

The reason to focus a little on it is simple:  read the Blog introduction man!  If I wanted to tackle issues that an infant could tackle, I'd name the blog "".

So for those who really enjoy a good solid beat down once in a while and just have had no luck...  you might want to scope out these entries we did over the last year or two.  Just kind of a fun rundown of our top "melee oriented" stuff.


  1. Melee armies are being maligned unduly. A good horde list can still kick butt - outflanking IG blobs, SoB with priests and Uriah, beastpack DE, daemon hound lists, Ork hordes, etc. Now we will see Nids too (although they do well as a shooty list). The perception of 6ed is that shooty > cc. This is because the strongest lists are shooty ( Eldar, Tau, Necrons, Screamerstar). Funny thing is that a decent cc army is the best counter to this type of list. This is why I am a fan of your blog.

  2. Well thank you sir. I am glad to have you reading it. Feel free to follow it and be listed as one of the growing number of Unorthodoxy Empire Generals. =)


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