Tuesday, May 15, 2012

StingWings strike again!

While I wait for the battle reports from the person who took second, I am very excited about the fact that his Stingwings took the place of his piranha's successfully.

The Ambassadorial Tournament saw the Tau battling it out against the nefarious forces of the Imperial Guard.  Blinded by their devotion to a necrotic Gawd, these IG refused every effort the Tau made to rectify their mental block but to no avail.  Realizing that only in death would their sad servitude end and, their souls freed to pursue truth, the Tau Ethereals commanded an immediate emergency landing party.  The orders caused much of the force to be forced into reserve in the early going but the Tau valiantly fought the forces of the false Emperor and were up by 6 Battle points when the unexpected happened:  the Guard barely managed to finish off a unit of Crisis Suits which tied the game and took it into tie breakers, which the IG narrowly won.

But lost in all this excitement is the fact that the Stingwings were capable and valuable additions to the drop in firepower of the Crisis Battle Suits.  Again and again they threatened targets and forced the enemy to deal with them instead of other targets and they again and again carried their weight on the battlefield.  The jarring suddenness of their appearance was matched only by the jarring suddenness of their targets deaths!

With 4 units dropping in that wield incredibly awesome firepower there was little his opponents could do but watch in abject horror as their models were removed forcibly from the table and the sector of the board slowly cleared of the enemy "debris".

Though the mighty Tau Empire lost in the end, their meteoric rise to power was in no small part due to those thoraxically expressive StingWings.

Hoping to see more of them in the days to come.

Started a fun little poll on it to the right of the screen there.  Feel free to click your opinion.  =)


  1. So you converted another player eh? Good to hear that taking them didn't equal "instant doom" like your buddy Purgatus was basically saying earlier.

    So are there battle reports coming on that? Are we going to get to see the way in which these Stingwings performed?

  2. The two guys that took top two mentioned that they might do battl Reports. If they do I can ask to post them here if you want.


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