Monday, May 7, 2012

The Elvensword will soon carry the name of an eternal warrior...

Hey I got some pics to post of the Elvensword mentioned on the tournament website that we engrave the winning Ambassadors name and army onto.  These pics are of our first winning Ambassador in 2006 wielding it!  I dunno why I didn't post them before.  I hope you like it.  You can zoom in on it a little bit to get a slightly nicer view.


  1. 40 down, working on more. I'm hoping I can double that tonight after my child is in bed.

  2. For those who don't know, Gone wild is making "Felt craters" for the tourney so that when Rhinos or other tanks die, we can easily outline them.

    Who knows, ther might even be a few larger ones for the more alien vehicles like Storm Ravens and Wave serpents! Wwe'll see what his largess produces.

    thanks a ton for being an asset to the tournament my friend.

  3. Lest I forget, i also want to thank Kingpin and Waffles for their donation of their valuable camera equipment. It's our INTENTION to stream the final table live as well as perhaps a lot of the rest of the tournament. Last minute prepartations for it will be going on all the way until kickoff, so again thanks to all those who are making this a great tourney.

  4. ...And the Ambassador of the IMPERIAL GUARD has prevailed! The Ambassadorial tournament ended when Matt Stevens and Travis Walthal going at it at the Top Table (which was streamed live for those who got to see it). In the end it came down to a squeaker of a win, when the Secondary objective called LEGENDARY HEROES was invoked, 30 minutes into play as all secondary objectives are. In their very last round, Matt Stevens was able to use a guard squad to drive off a unit twice its size in points and thus took the Secondary Objective, giving him just enough points to win. LEGENDARY!

    His name will now be scribed permanently onto the Elvensword and pictures of he, his victory and the tournament will all be available soon. Come back here to find out where, once they are posted. There were a LOT of pictures and video coverage taken so it should be fun stuff to see.


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