Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Results of the Third Sphere Expansion

Progress is good Master Aun'Va.  We have received word that you wish a report on our initial rush back into the Damocles Sector and our equally fervent search for the one we know as Commander Farsight.

Our report is this:

We have encountered heavy resistance from the Imperium of Man.  Our efforts towards readiness seem to have cost us valuable initiative and the Imperium of man has strengthened its border against us.  it is clear they do not consider us a threat equal to the Tyranids nor the orks, and have staffed accordingly which is our one saving grace.  However, just in the shortness of this glorious campaign in honor of the Greater Goods higher purpose we have seen the multiplicity of the enemies forces represented.

Fighting has been heaviest against the Chapter known as Blood Angels, who have sworn their fealty to the Imperium and whose space Marines are indeed some of the fastest we have seen.  Our first incursion was on Pheta Gamma II.  As ordered, we identified the agriworlds first for colonization and thus also those least likely to face exterminatus measures.  As a resource to the Imperium, we believe they will not go to extremes, so that if they do lose them, they may attempt recapture later.

Upon insertion to the planet, the Blood Angels ambushed us from the skies, their fleet hidden temporarily around the dark side of the moon.  Their assault was relentless and we had scant moments to respond to their attacks.  They did manage to secure an area early, and we were forced to consolidate our forces in order to repel the primary thrust.  Mephiston was with them but we were able to mitigate his presence in the fight and melt away from him.  He never struck a blow.  We were able to force them back to their ships, as they had a narrow window to secure their beach head before our fleet would be upon them, stranding them.  They retreated in the end. 

Result:  6-4 Tau victory.

However the Blood Angels forces retreat was simply a prelude to yet another surprise:  the Imperial Guard had taken the Capital city of the planet and we were forced to break their siege.  As we are ill equipped for a direct assault, we ordered our troops to circumnavigate around.  We used the Kau'Yon to draw their attention and resources forward toward us and then we struck from behind where their lines were stretched too thin.  By hitting their rearguard and giving them no place to go, we were able to encircle and capture them TO A MAN.  There were no survivors outside the prisoners we took.

Result:  Tau Victory Total annihilation.

Aware that this city was one of many we began sending the expeditionary forces out to the airfields and other militarily strategic locations.  W found that the Ultra Marines had arrived and they were already preparing a counter attack against the betterment of all.  They were not yet aware of the loss of the Imperial Guard and they mounted an assault with, I think, the expectation of joint operations.  However, those operations never came and the Space Marine plight grew desperate.  They fought gallantly.  No Tau who fought that day should forget what they learned of the combined arms approach the enemy can employ.   Nonetheless, the Greater Good was to be served.

Result:  Tau victory:  11-1

The Dark Eldar are opportunists and outcasts of their race.  Several of them that were remnants of a raiding party agreed to fight alongside a stranded eldar vessel and its forces to raid us and try to use those supplies to get their ship off world.  After discussing their options within the Greater Good, negotiations with the Air Caste broke down and they used the time we spent speaking with them to prepare for their attack.  This dishonorable act was punished.  Using massive Eldar tanks we had never seen before, and firing a fusillade the likes of which our own Fire Caste might well have been proud of, the enemy attempted to corner us.  They did not understand that they were again fighting against the Kau'yon way and as they made their way forward to lay into our brave fire Warriors, the forces closed in behind them and encircled them, destroying first their tanks and then them.  No survivors to report sir.

Result:  Tau victory, Total annihilation

In our haste to secure so many locations, we had not foreseen the rather forward leaning Blood Angels as a threat from anywhere but the skies.  As the Greater Good would have it, they also had ground forces located in the western Hemisphere and surprised our Cadre by attacking from the ground exclusively, offering us another tactical look at the enemy.  Mephiston led them again and this time there was no way for him to be completely mitigated.  He charged hard towards the battle as night was lifting and made his presence known. 
It was perhaps fortunate for use that we were prepared for night fighting and our units in the field were close enough to call back in time to impact our defense.  They outflanked once again to handle the onslaught of so many Jump infantry coming so fast.  We were able to keep them at bay and beat them back one wave at a time, almost literally.
In the end only their Commander Corbulo, pinned and alone, as well as a brave assault Marine were left.  In recognition of the bravery they showed, we allowed the two to take the body of Mephiston with them and retreat the field of battle alive.  It was our commanders hope that news of this defeat going back to their lines would reap a necessary amount of understanding as to the benefits of joining the Greater good.  Only through kindness can you convince an enemy that you will absorb them peaceably, as you have taught so many times master Aun'Va

Result:  Tau Victory 14-2

Chaos Forces are always to be suspected.  Wherever the IMperium of man goes, the rot of this infestation must surely be expected. 
A powerful force of Slaanesh led Chaos Mariens, apparently hunting the Dark Eldar we destroyed before, encountered us and immediately began the word of trying to exterminate us.  We were quite surprised by the Firepower but were able to withstand it through clever use of terrain and the expedient of an aggressive forward rush.  The relatively smaller force was unprepared for the firepower we bring at short range and in turn the Greater Good seemed little served by hanging back and allowing attrition to become an issue so far into the Damocles Sector.  As such the brave Fire Caste and the Air Caste piltos guided their Devilfish's in and made "Drop kills" out of the units individually as we came to them.  Stealth units struck from unexpected places, sowing confusion and ultimately, defeat.  Losses were high in our fight despite our best efforts, but the results were as inevitable as the Tau Empire itself.

Result:  Tau Victory 8-5

We will continue to report our battles here, but the planet is becoming more secure and we will soon be able to clear the moons of residual threats.  Already the communities here are embracing us and we have made request for terraforming equipment to assist the population on in increasing their usable land mass which includes volcanic areas that may hold great reserves usable by our forces as well.

As always, for the Greater Good.


  1. Simply brilliant.... :)

    So the Tau Empire whipped but then yeh? :p

  2. So it would seem.

    My strategy was sound in most of the games.

    I began the game with the two Riptides on the board, two Fire Warrior Squads and the Commander with Markerdrone unit on the table. Fire Warriors were generally the bait, although I did also in two games use the Devilfish's as bait. Either way generally this was the plan.

    The two Kroot units always outflanked. The Pathfinders either scout and moved flat out to get to enemy deployment zones to use the recon drone on their board edge OR were outflanking themselves. They were IMPRESSIVE as outflankers though and once I realized it, I kept doing it.

    Crisis teams were treated as 100% expendable deep striking units whose job was to simply slow the enemies roll. Sometimes I DS'd them behind in order to get the enemy to go the wrong way or walk into the outflanks. Other times they were critically important for zapping a critical target like a Land Raider or Mephiston when he got out in the open. Either way, I did not bemoan their fate.

    So that was the strategy. I overcharged the Novas Reactor at every opportunity without hesitation. I was generally on both sides of the enemy in most games and as you can see by the scores, the results were convincing.

    The Blood Angel game where there weere lots of Deep strikers was EXTREMELY close and I could easily have lost that game. It came down to a morale check to hold position on the objective after a melee. Literally hinged on the bravery of my Tau (and thats not normally ideal, hehehe).


  3. Moments like that morale check is what makes games of 40k so great. I once won a game by rolling for my 2d6 jetbike movement in the assault phase and needed a 7 to get within range to claim an objective that would win me the primary and as you can guess I did :) moments you talk about after many times over :)

  4. Doesn't get any sweeter. I have to say, the list is UNexpectedly effective. On paper anything can look good, but when you see it in action and actually calculate in the terrain and such... You realize how "all around" good this force is. My "tanks" are no more powerful nor more accurate than a Direct Fire Basilisk would be... Just twice as expensive and lasts longer. It's the synergy of the units that causes the head ache. They fight as ONE, as it should be for Tau.

    My newest list I want to try out is going to get some playing time. It has no Riptides. So we will see a totally different look. Reports will be forthcoming. So keep watching!

  5. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the strategies. I'm currently building a small 200 pt Tau Kill Team consisting of a a Steatsuit squad, and either Fire Warriors or Kroot (I have both so I can switch them out).

    1. Hey great. Kill Team is a good way to get into the game and start building up your forces. Fire Warriors are generally better. However, Kroot have the power of economy going for them and in the trees, they are just as tough. so it depends on what kind of terrain you see a lot of.

      There are other articles on here regarding the Tau Empire. You should explor it a bit.


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