Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tau in 6E Translation

Numerous foreign translations of the Tau codex are everywhere now, at least four that I could find, some with pics, some not.  So for those who'd like to know, this is a compilation of things from at least five different sources, none of whom I feel are blowing smoke at this stage:

FlyersAV 11/10/10, 3 HP. Bomber starts at 160pts and fighter at 145pts.  The fighter can take a missile pod in place of the burst cannon.  The quad ion cannon is S7 AP4 but can be boosted to S8 large blast.
The bomber can twin-link it's missile pod  Despite still being BS2 the fighter drones have S7 AP4 twin-linked guns which isn't bad at all when they appear to have interceptor too.


Broadsides  max squad size of 3 and looks to be a tiny bit cheaper.  Already mentioned that their Railguns are now S8 AP1 and they can change it out for S7 AP4 4 shot missiles. SMS are now twin-linked.  They can take a seeker missile for 8pts.  The shas'vre is now Ld 9.

Apparently Shas'vre suffer some WS loss?

Crisis Suits22pts.  Supporting Fire capable.  Rated Very Bulky.  Most rumors seem confirmed and I guess they are still 3 to a unit?  Drones and other upgrades make the unit though.

180pts.  T6, 5W.  Comes with a STR 6 cannon that does 8 shots.  Make it 12 shots rending (but gets hot) on Overdrive.  or make it a STR7 AP 2 3-shot gun that can overcharge into a massive blast.  Can take a twin-linked fusion blaster or plasma rifle (which are again the same). Its a serious gunboat.

Fire Warriors
9 pts, free Photon Grenades.  WIN!  Fireblade lets them add +1 shots if they don't move.

6 pts each WITH 6+ armour. STR3, WS4.  Hounds are 5 points.  Krootox is 25pts.  Precision ammo can make their guns sniper rifles.  Wowa.  20 Sniper Rifles?  Now that's something.  They get acute senses from their hounds (tracking dawgs). 

Ethereal = 50pts.  Fireblade= 60pts.


Special Rules/Weapons:

Aun'Va will be awesome.
Invoke the Elements: At Start of movement, choose one element.  The Etheral and all tau units that are not vehicles gain the benefit until the Etherals next movement phase. Effect ends if the Ethereal does.

Grand Invocation: Aun'va can invoke two elements!!!
Supreme Loyalty: While Aun'va is Alive, all tau units re-roll leadership checks.

Nova Reactor: On a 1-2 take a wound, no saves allowed. 3+, Jetpack move 4d6, Fire support fusion blasters, plasma rifles or missles twice, you can use the nova charge profile of your weapons. Effects last until your next movement phase.

Tactical Retreat: Shi'vre and unit may consolidate after overwatching.
Cyclic ion blaster:  18" Str7/AP 4, Assault 3 OR...Overload: Strength 8, AP 4, Blast, Heavy 1 (Get's Hot)
Pulse Carbine: 18" S5 AP5, Assault 2 , Pinning

Pulse Pistol: 12", S5, AP5

Long Range Pulse Rifle: 48" SX AP 5, Rapid Fire, Sniper

Aun'shi (yes he's back!!!)  can choose to re-roll failed saves.  He basically parries.

Afterburners: Turboboost like a jetbike.

Sworn protector: ability to Auto-pass Look Ouit Sir.

Stay Calm!: Stubborn

+1 shot to all pulse weapons whose target is within have range.  I think a Drone does this?

Solidity of Stone: Feel no Pain 6+

Some units can fire snap shots after running.  I wonder if the BS 2 Overwatch thing will affect SnapFire?

58 points for a Sniper Drone unit.
Pulse Bomb: S5 AP5, Heavy 1, Large Blast, One Use only

Missle Pod: 36", S7 AP4, Assault 2

High Explosive Missle Pod: 36" S7 AP4, Heavy 4

Markerlights: Spend 1 for +1 BS, Spend 2 for IGNORES COVER, Spend 1 for Seeker Missle

High Velocity Deployment: Drones can disembark in the movement phase even when Zooming. If the drones disembark first, the flyer can continue its movement as normal.

Failure is not an Option: All friendly Tau models can Use the Etherals leadership if they are within 12 inches, but killing the Etheral grants a VP.


Missle Drone: comes with a Missle Pod!

Devilfish: Up to two Seekers for 8pts each.

Broadsides: 65pts each if i didn't mention it already.

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  1. Drones appear to be Toughness FOUR! Never saw that coming.

    StingWings are now I6...not 5. Wowa. More excellent yet they are 4+ armor with Hit and Run which is EXACTLY what they needed to kick ass.

    The RipTide is quite good. 2+ save, Monstrous creature withthe (as usual) crappy stats of a Tau fighter, but T6, Str6. All for 180 points with a serious amount of Dakka coming from it. Perfect for close line defense. FIVE wounds will make it a seriously annoying stop gap meadure for holding the line while units do what they must!


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