Sunday, March 24, 2013

6th Edition Tau Rumors

The new Codex appears to have a few rumors that wont make certain consumer advocates very happy.

First rumor that seems to be rampant at the moment is the ideas that they have removed the aliens from the Tau codex and plan an "Allies" supplement which means anyone who wants to play with their Tau models now is going to get forced into buying two damn publications to play their dang army.  Obviously they are floating around that it will have a "third race" that can serve as mercs along with Stingwings and Kroot. 

The Broadsides have been drastically redesigned and the rumor is that you can fire it in two modes:  STR 8/AP1 skyfire OR STR 6 AP3 blast. 

Crisis suits are rumored to come standard with Multitrackers functionality and though the suits themselves dont look to be changing drastically in the short term, they are boxing them in 3's by all accounts for sale.  Thus far this has meant no savings to customers though.

Pathfinders appear to have shed their Devilfish requirement in the new codex and the Devilfish may have to purchase the beacon upgrade.  Good nws/bad news sort of thing, since that might mean Fire Warriors can have it on their Fish's too.

Stealthsuits may be able to Overwatch at BS2 which is kinda nifty.  Seems like that should extend to the Crisis suits too, but we shall see.  If that extends to snapfire in general, that would make Tau a seriuous threat to flying armies.

Sounds as ifthe Ethereals will be once again a rather disposable HQ choice.  One hopes they kept AunVa, as I felt though overcosted, he greanted the army a valuable possible dimension.

Overall the rtumor mill is working overtime but of course until the actual codex is outon the net somewhere I can find it, it's all speculation.

There are two plane variants coming though and they look like old school planes that met the new school Tau look.  The Riptide Battle suit sounds a LOT like it will serve the exact same purtpose my singular Broadside team leaders always did, only a lot tougher.  If true thisa would enhance that role since the suit can actually fight a little, so on the off chance the enemy gets to that big old Riptide battlesuit, it can dish out a little home cooking and actually free itself to fire some more on a good day.

That's all for now!  Post other things here as you find them out please.

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