Monday, March 25, 2013

Tau: Our ascension a matter of time.


  1. Tau dorks are to puny to even register an unfettered Imperial Crusade. Wake me up when you give birth to the fifth Chaos god.

  2. Amusing. If we even registered in the Warp, that might be a p[ossibility. Sadly the only beings so filled with self interest that they CAN birth of Gawd of hedonism, is your kind.

    Join the Greater Good. Can you not see the truth of it all? If you will sit with our Aun but for a small while, you too will see what we see...

  3. Alrighty more rumors for you (and remember, JUST rumors based on the White Dwarf and other sources claiming to "know".

    Riptide stat line looks to be: WS3 S6 A4 T6 W4 Save 2+/5+ Jetpack. Has a lot of wargear, but whether you HAVE to buy him that way or not is up for debate still. Knowing Tau, it probably is customizable like all their suits but we'll see bout that. STR 8 Large blast can be fired when "overcharged". I am not clear on what that means, but one can surmise that it's like a Gets Hot effect or perhaps a cumulative gets hot effect? A more benevolent interpretation might be the way Fire Prisms work to create different effects. Who knows. Perhaps you'd have to stand still to use it, anime style. Looks to be an incredibly expensive model though at $85... RIDICULOUS price tag.

    The tail section of the Razorshark looks to hold a missile rack, likely has a pair of Seeker Missiles itself, and the Ion Cannon is a part of the deal, as one would expect because of the old Forge World model. A lot of weapons firing off that gunboat.

    I really wanted them to make the planes Elite, but it sounds like im not getting my wish there. Fast attack is what the Sunshark appears to be. On the other hand the Riptide which I thought would be a Heavy Support looks to be Elite! This at least frees you up to take a larger selection of units than otherwise would have been possible.

    But the Sunshark seems like a BEAST. TL missiles, 2 Drones that can drop STR 8 shots, seeker missiles and a bomb. Zoiks. Don't mess with that!

    They are kind of forcing us to buy more Broadsides by making certain drones come with that kit. Drones are a MUCH bigger deal in the new Tau codex. Rumor has it it's the missile drones, Railrifle drones and partridge in a pair tree drones (six different kinds?). Most of you know by now that they nerfed the strength of the Broadside gun (for no apparent reason?) but have offered skyfire capability to it. Looks like they dont have to BUY the Stabilization anymore.

    They may not have changed Crisis suits as much as many hoped, but they do look like they come with more dudes in a unit (dare we dream 5, though 4 is what's i nthe White Dwarf) and my prayer and guess is that they will make the Multitracker standard since its dumb that they had to pay for what was so clearly just a standard feature of every suit. Looks to be true but we shall see.

    It seems like Photon grenades may become standard equipment for the Fire Warriors and they are 9 points per model by all accounts (credible or otherwise)

    Suuporting Fire rule sounds a LOT like the Flames of War defensive fire: units within X inches can defensive fire with you. This kind-of-sort-of was included in the Chaos Daemons Codex with the Nurgle Beasts who charge what charges you. Cool to see it expressed on the shooting side with Tau. It may be that the ability is only there when the Shas'ui is alive. Possible upgrade or perhaps standard feature? Not sure on that one.


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