Monday, February 25, 2013

February 23rd Team Tournament Results

I held a team tournament this Saturday and as usual, turnout was great.  This is easily one of our biggest draws as far as participation goes and we play in the cavernous gaming mecca of Olympia Cards and Comics which can almost handle a GT if we really wanted to stretch the imagination a bit.

Anyways, it was fun and I thought I'd give a little props here to the winners.

Kacheni and Dan combined to storm the castle with their Daemons and Necron combination. Together they fought and beat some of the Best Generals on the West Coast to etch their name into the books. Notable is the fact that this is Kacheni's first ever tournament victory! I also think this is the first time the oldest and youngest players in the store have ever combined to win it.

Second Place was Mike and George whose ridiculous firepower from a Vulkan led Space marine and a powerful Chaos force combination allowed them to put a severe hurting on their opponents and though they did not win, they made it to the Top Table. This is the second time in as many tournaments that Mike has been to the Top Table. Georges firepower was just awesome though, sporting Triple Thunderfire Cannons!

Ed and Greg Brought their Beautiful work to the tables also and garnered Best Paint for their Cahos Daemon and Space Wolf combination army.

Our Best Sportsman award goes to two Gents Jeremy and Stephen. they brought two others with them to the party so than kyou to both of you for being great opponents both in victory and defeat. We need more players like that around.

Anyways, great day of gaming, seems like everyone had a good time.

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