Wednesday, February 27, 2013

40K Chaos Tournament Lists Aeronatica style

I've been scouring the internet the last three days in anticipation of several larger scale events happening in March that are just around the corner.  I've been taking a look at the different tourney builds people are positing.  One common thread amongst Chaos players is the AirChaos lists.

Essentially the Chaos Space marines can get a ton of flyers in their list (before the new Daemon codex drops of course, but probably after as well).  Here's an example:

255  BloodThirster (Unholy Might)
270  Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Level 2 Sorcerer, Power Armor)

270  Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Level 2 Sorcerer, Power Armor)

170 Heldrake
170 Heldrake

170 Heldrake

70 5 Daemonettes
69 3 Flamers of Tzeentch
160  10 Chaos Space marines (Mark of Slaanesh, 2 meltas)
35 Rhino
160  10 Chaos Space marines (Mark of Slaanesh, 2 meltas)
35 Rhino 160  10 Chaos Space marines (Mark of Slaanesh, 2 meltas)

This friends is the face of how people are attacking 6th edition at some tournaments.  Other versions of this are out there but this is a veritable AIRFORCE, against which no singular Icarus Cannon is going to be able to stand.  I saw several of these circulating in different places.  It can BOTH put another players airforce into the ground AND burninate the village.  Armoured corps type armies seem practically doomed against this army and very obviously the troops of the enemy can be handled.  Imagine half this army on your flank in round 2 and being crushed in melee round 3 from the opposite side.

I am frightened by this list.  It's a spendy, spendy list for sure, money wise, but its not even that small in its KP's at 13!  So while it will never be confused with an MSU army, it's not suffering much in it's ability to be able to give up a unit if it HAS to, to keep burninating you..

I have actually faced the 9 Vindetta list which reminds me of this.  These types of lists are twice as scary now, because 9 Vindettas can fire 81 shots on their own per round and you cna barely touch them.  When you get close, they drop the boom with their DemoVets.  All in all a pretty crazy amount of firepower.

Paying this much to compete is HAPPENING.  GW must be smiling awfuly broadly as this first quarter comes to a close.  We've definitely entered the Aeronatica era.

What do you think of lists like these?


  1. I am very new to 40K (only building my first army now), but I already view these kinds of lists with distaste. Where is the fun in playing with/against this list? If "competing" translates to spam/cheddar lists, I would rather just play for fun. Imagine rocking up at your club and your opponent is "testing his tourney list" agains you, and it is this!

  2. Yeah, but I think you have to be realistic and plan for the worst. But I want you to consider something too: Tyranids are known for this kind of Godzilla list also. When you really LOOK at the list, you kind of see the Tyranid formula here a little bit. 6 "monsters" in essence roaming the fields of battle, mauling everything they can and daring the enemy to kill them fast enough, with troops and some ancillary units denying or taking objectives with some combat duties but primarily as distractions and hit syncs.

    I have, as the name of the blog implies, often played using unusual tactics and/or strategically specific lists instead of the netlist variety, and to immense success. So these aren't the kinds of lists I necessarily would feel like playing. having said that, I'm not sure there isn't some fun to be had in DEFEATING such ridiculum.

    Let's talk about how it might be done? That could be a fun discussion.

    I'll styart by saying that it's strength is its weakness also: Massed bolterfire or Gauss fire etc... will crash the thre Monstrous creatures to the ground and once there, they make for much easier targets to reach. As there are no flyers out in round 1 and in light of the chaos Daemons book that just dropped which eliminated the turn 1 burninating the Flamers of Tzeentch used to do, They must deplot 4 units: 2 Rhinos, Daemonettes and one Space marine unit.

    This means that they really are going to have to hide from you and allow you to advance up the field and into a better rapid firing/torrent type of position. Such a small contingent cannot initially hold off most armies that are fully deployed themselves. So they must wait for the Cavalry to arrive, allowing you to ideally maximize your midfield presence with relatively little losses. That means that an Aegis defense line would best be PLACED midboard and possible in a near circle to allow you to move up into it rather than shying to the rear.

    If you do this, then when the Flyers begin to show up and terrorize you, they will have less ability to keep YOU in front of them and more chances for you later to hit them in the rear arcs.

    I think this is an excellent way to approach beating the list. the other key, i think would be not to panic and concentrate your fire on the Monsters with anything that isn't Snap Fire. Reducing their numbers fast will leave you in better shape later and they are obviously the easier targets of opportunity.

    You'd want to spread out in perfect circles about 9 inch diameter to avoid the worst of the flamers, making that initiall move to midfield all the more important for maximizing shots later since to hold that formation, terrain is likely to slow you down.

    Other thoughts?


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