Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do the Warhammer 40K Monster Mash!

My interest in the Dark Eldar started a very long time ago.  I was mystified that no one played them.  From 2004 to 20010, I played just four Dark Eldar played games.  This is stunning when you consider that I play at least twice a week, and over a 6 year period, that means that Dark Eldar sightings sere infintesimily small. 

I never had the money or time to get such a force and other "army deals" came between us, ever increasing the gulf between my will to own them and practical time and ability to.

Then as a gift I was given my choice of armys unexpectdly and I chose them!  I had a great idea for them, a grand circus, and was out of my mind excited when I got the chance to finally play them after seeing so LITTLE of them as an opponent.

This is the list I have tested and reconstructed and retested etc...  It is a strong contender and as the painting nears its completion, I grow impatient to play it at tourney.  I've still not quite gotten the balance right and new developments, namely the Chaos Heldrake, are forcing me once again to re-evaluate it.  Nonetheless, its success to date has not been disappointing.  I am sharing it with you.  Feel free to comment!  Normally I dont like just putting lists up for review, as I like to talk tactics and units and strategems and all that.  But the subject came up recently and I'd like to have this up here for future reference.  Take a look.  I will comment on its use afterwards

What do you see as its strengths?  What component would worry you most?  How can you see it being used if you were its general?

Talos Pain Engine (TL Liquefier, TL Heat Lance)

Void Raven Bomber (2 x Necrotoxin, 1 x Shatterfield)
I like the AP and pinning of the Necrotoxin. Fits the terror theme better but the AP is the big thing. I have a Void Bomb so I dont NEED the 4th missile really, even though it would be nice.

5 Wracks (Liquefier, Acothyst with Hexrifle)

5 Wracks (Liquefier, Acothyst with Hexrifle)

5 Wracks (Liquefier, Acothyst with Hexrifle)

5 Wracks (Liquefier, Acothyst with Hexrifle)
All four units kick out pinning attacks, which really is quite useful when you want to pop a character or just Pin someone.  the utility is great because it comes on a scoring unit that is small enough that it doesn't demand immediate attention.  I tend to get a lot of these shots off when its all said and done.  I pin one or two units a game with regularity which can be a real boon at a critical time.

2 Raiders (Cannons, Shock Prow, Torment Launcher, Flickerfield)
I am able to rush the enemy with lesser units and force them to look at things besides my bigger monsters. Currently, enemies key in on the mean nasty big units (and for good reason). Need to force the issue.  Liquefier gun laden troops sometimes make one think twice about prioritizing things that are farther away.  They can then fade to allow the bigger units to take over the heavy lifting once their transports are gone.

1 Raider (Shock Prow, Torment Launchers)

2 Venoms (Extra Splinter Cannons)

5 Truborn (4 Blasters, 1 Splinter Cannon)
The unit seems to move SO often, so i dropped the Dark Lance I usually took.  Better on Overwatch as well

6 Grotesques (Liquefier, Aberration with Scissorhands, Master Homonculae upgrade).
This is a terrifying unit.  It has proven so many times over that it is a wrecking ball.  I own 8 of these models but after testing them at 8, found that even 6 was more than enough.

Urien Rakarth

3 Reaver Jetbikes (Blaster)

3 Reaver Jetbikes (Blaster)

5 Beast Masters (+4 Clawed Fiends, +2 Razorwing flocks)
This unit along with the Grotesques form a very hard hitting and efective hammer.  Despite the amount of shooting in the army, and the force does have a fair volume of fire, it is these two units that dish out the largest amount of punishment to the rank and file

1997 pts. Perfect!
Models: 56
Kill Points: 17


  1. VoidRaven Bombers are the anti-Aircraft in the list. Their dual lances are actually STR 9, which is fantastic, and they can still attack a ground target the turn they come in with their Void Bomb. So it gets a lot of utility the round it comes in. using flat out movement you can remove it from the board after any interceptors fire, if there are no aircraft to kill just then. Makes killing the Quadgun kind of a priority, which the Raiders can usually do.

    The Wracks, Reavers, and Trueborn create a cloud of high powered offense that can saturate the enemy's attention while the Grotesques plod forward and the BeastMasters do the same. Their main jobs are to prepare the way for both Monster squads by softening or even pinning down the units before them. Since I do use Disintegrator Cannons, I can also play a more gunline style of game, staying at maximum range against foes who can and want to dish it out in melee, forcing them into my hammers. Either way the list should be able to fend off a Land Raider assault with its firepower. Heavily armored tanks and such are a weakness for my army in shooting range, as I must get close to do anything about them, and so I employ the bikes for such assassination/Exchange missions. However, in the Scouring misssion where thats not as advisable, I have to really push the field hard, even not shooting much, in order to saturate the enemy and bring the bikes in later.

    The speed of the BeastMasters is ridiculous and to have that many in one unit is truly a boon. The primary weakness of the unit is to barrages. While not every enemy has a ton of that kind of weaponry, some do and the Manticore in particular is really not nice to Beast Masters. They will try to snipe my vulnerable beastMaster pieces. You can see why speed in this army is really important.

    One thing I have really pondered for a while now is weather it makes sense or not to use the Webway Portal. All WebHate aside, they do something that isn't talked about much: They delay the unit until your other units can destroy the barrages or STR 10 guns a little bit, without losing the movement you would have gotten. 85 points to deploy something like that isn't cheap. Yet it also lets your Talos into the game quite a bit further up and yes, you cannot charge with it, but its gun gets to fire instead of it getting blasted and destroyed early on before it gets the chance. If the enemy DOES fail to kill it, it certainly is no joke then in the enemy backfield. So I am giving the Webway portal some thought...

    Your thoughts?

  2. Webway portals get a lot of hate on the Net. If it can be done though, this would be the blog to read on how. Maybe trying it and reproting back the results? Who knows. Could be the next big poke in the eye for "orthodox" guys like you-know-who and the other guy whose always spewing his ridiculum.

  3. Well, a Raider would have to go away to clear room, and a Wrack unit forced into reserve, but it could be done. Perhaps I will try it against Imperial Guard, who have easily the most terrifying array of weaponry when it comes to besting my multi-wound and poorly armored models, for the price.

  4. Great site! Interesting list too. If your curious on making a webway portal work in 6th here is an interesting report with a very unorthodox list:


  5. Thank you very much for the compliment. I do what I can. The Sisters of Battle report is very interesting (and visually appealing). I am "known" as a Sisters of Battle player, even though Tau are my truest love. Looking at his list, I take it this was more of a friendly game. His use of FOUR motorized Sisters squads does surprise me. I understand the concept of wanting to have 4 troops at all times and that's typically my own philosophy as well, but in the case of Sisters, I think he missed an opportunity there. 3 Exorcists firing in round 2 and coming up short like that musta burned a little for him, but such are the vagaries of war and you didn't do a ton better in your next round so that was a wash (luckily for him). That bottom of 2nd, top of 3rd was really big.

    Wracks are pretty cool and your list features them like mine does. Your Talos and bikes replace the function of my vehicles and BeastMasters, but we both love grotesques and looks like we have a similar idea on their ideal size. I had 8 originally but trimmed it down after seeing how great they were. they didn't need the extra dudes to get their jobs done. =)


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