Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6E Dark Angels Codex as allies

The Dark Angels are out of the box and into the hands of ego-maniacal gamers everywhere now and the word is out:  they are plasma enriched and CHALK full of special rules.  I want to look at them in terms of how they might help as allies.

One of the most interesting aspects is in their troops choices.   Of course everyeone knows that as before you can take Terminators as Troop Choices and even run a biker army.  However I was very surprised to see that their Tactical Marines and Scouts could actually take a Flakk missile option!

This makes them incredibly valuable as allies to their Space Marine brethren.  The "necessity of an Aegis Defense line gun can now be replaced simply by adding a Dark Angels captain and some Scouts or tactical Marines you would already need anyways and voila!  Two units with Flakk Missiles.

It has been my observation in 6E like it was in 5E, that cover can already be found on the battlefields of the 41st millenium.  The Aegis is valuable in spots, but its gun is why people take it for the most part.  Anti-Aircraft just IS that important.  here you can have the utility on a scoring unit, without the potential waste of the Aegis Defense Line.

Adding to this advantage are some of the other things you can take if they are allied with you.  I would place the Niphilim Fighter as chief among the aspirants for best anti-aircraft.  It is most definitely up to the task and multi-facet'd enough not to be a waste against enemies who lack a chopper command.

While going through the codex for the first time, I was dumb struck by the sheer volume of rules you have to track down and learn just to play the new Terminator variant Knights.  Once you wrap your brain around what they are, you find a very impressive unit that would not disappoint in smashing entire parking lots at a time.  It is frightening to consider what they can do to a mechanized enemy and even against many of the races whose armor is not Space Marine armor.  They are the ultimate linebreaking unit when the enemy tries to throw 3 Chimeras out there with plasma vets to block your way for example.  Multi-wound units like my Grotesques will quail in fear at the sight of these guys.  They are essentially AP4 Assault Terminators that don't go last and for all intents and purposes are usually wounding just as effectively as any terminator does.  Once per game they can add SIX to their STR!!!  Characters beware.  The Power Armored armies of the world will of course find them easier to deal with but the flail the commander carries and the Strength of the unit will likely be enough to win combats even so.  Their resiliency is that of any Assault Terminator.  This is a very interesting tool for the tool bag and I am very curious to see how many folks do not use them or will find them a disfavorable and expensive choice over the course of time.  Used to their strengths, I'd sure take them in a heart beat.

Dark Angels feel a lot like the Grey KNights did when they came out:  potentially quite compact and deadly.  Their weakness is that they do not enjoy cheap options in their list, overall (with a couple very notable exceptions) and model counts will not be typically high.  exceeding 40 total models won't be incredibly common in this codex.  So as allies, you may wish to restrict your interest to their Troops if your primary detachment is capable of handling its business.  But it almost seems "FREE" and worthwhile to have a pair of those Dak Angel Scouts with their Flakk in tow.

The Dark Vengeance boxed set just got more valuable, methinks.

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  1. There are a lot of armies that can use that boxed set now and put it to excellent use. Does anyone think that the scouts will be the more popular choice though? Seems like the way to go on the allies side.


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