Thursday, April 26, 2012

Foot Eldar vs. Draigo Wing

Another battle report using the mission Blitzkrieg from the upcoming tournament.

Foot Eldar vs. DraigoWing.

Enemy army (roughly):   
10 Paladin squad (2 Psycannon, 2 Psilencers, psybolt, apothecary etc...)
5 Terminator Squad plus Thrawn (Psilencer)
6 Interceptor Squad (2 hammers, Psycannon)
5 Strike Squad (psybolt, Psycannon)

Mission:  Blitzkrieg

Enemy wins and chooses NE corner, I am in SW.  Huge bridge spans from one long table edge to the other down the middle roughly, space underneath.  Ruin in my corner, the NW corner and the SE corner.  Small LOS blocking wall sections in his NE zone.  trees smattered here and there but fairly inconsequential placement.

Draigo and his buddies start on their quadrant line ready to go.  Strike Squad in outflanking reserve.  Terminators hide behind a wall section towards the eastern edge of the enemy zone.  His Interceptors go into outflanking reserve.

I deploy the Dark Reapers in the ruin near me SW board  corner, Guardians set a floor above them.  The second reapers deployed amongst trees on the far southern board edge about 15 inches from the short table edge.  The D-Cannons hid behind a cargo container just east of them, obscured by both the bridge and the container.  The Farseer went into that unit.  All Scorpions and Warp Spiders plus the Autarch Deep Strike/outflank  reserved while the Jet bikes reserved normally.

Round 1: 
Draigo moves and runs forward, wisely spreading out to avoid the worst of my barrages.  There really wasn't much else for him to do.  His Vindicare assassin had snuck into the top level of a building in the NW quadrant and shot the Runic armor right off my Farseer, causing him a wound as well.

On my turn I began the fusilade.  The assassin vanished in a puff of purple Lance vapor, while small blasts and reaper cannons smacked him around a bit.  The D-Cannon did the same.  Thanks to Guide, the D-cannon was deadly accurate and caused several wounds but killed no one.

Score:  Eldar-3  Draigowing-3

Round 2: 
Draigo moved forward under the bridge and fired Psybolters, killing a D-Cannon while the Strike squad came in from reserve on the eastern board edge and moved towards the objective there to contest it (now all three of their own contested as one was near the bridge where Draigo was).  They manifested WarpQuake for good measure.  Terminators waited patiently for the slaughter to begin.

3 Warp Spider units zapped in and aware of what WarpQuake could do to them, two appeared on the northern board edge near the bridge while a third unit scattered into the ruin the Vindicare assassin had been in killing a Spider towards the NW corner.  None were remotely close enough to shoot so they all just ran and then warped towards the bridge.

Striking Scorpions streamed onto the board as well from the Eastern side, shot and then charged the Strike Squad on the objective, killing all but the Daemon Hammer, but they were able to hold.

Three of the four bike Squads streamed on as well, and took cover behind a container in my quadrant, behind the bridge, at maximum speed.

The D-cannons, Guardian Lances and Reapers bombarded Draigo and his cohorts again, killing a Paladin.  The Apothecary however MORE than paid for himself as the unit was doomed by the Farseer and still withstood it all.  Amazingly impotent.

Score:  Eldar-3  Draigowing-9

Round 3: 
The librarian took a wound from Perils. while the Draigo unit blasted into the Jetbikes and killed two of three in the farthest trio.  The lone bike stayed his ground against the amazing fusilade.

The Strike Squad died fighting while the Thrawn led Terminators made their way towards the Striking Scorpions and opened fire.  The scorpions weathered it well though.

The interceptors outflanked and tried to charge up into the ruins to get to the guardians above the Reapers.  They failed the charge but did kill one with shooting.

The Eldar responded.  The guardians shot and charged the Interceptors, winning combat by killing all but the hammer wielding sergeant.

two Jet bike units blasted from hiding and headed towards the northern board edge of the enemy quadrant.  One wen to the SE quadrant behind a ruin while another unit of Jet bikes came out out of reserve there.  Both settled in the ruins.

2 Warp Spiders units floated to the side of the Striking Scorpions and fired on the Terminators in the enemy quadrant, along with the Scorpions, leaving Thrawn "dead" and only one Paladin alive.  No charge was possible at that point.  So they bounced backwards. 

The third Warp Spider unit with the Autarch ran and warped north of Draigo's position, trying to tempt him into a charge that would divert him further north.  They essentially did nothing to the Paladins.

The Reapers plowed into the Paladins...  to no real effect.  Not a Paladin died.  The D-Cannons were just so-so against the yet again Doomed unit.  While most Paladins had a wounds on them, none were dropping.

Score:  Eldar-3  Draigowing-6

Round 4:

Thrawn rose up and charged the Scorpions with his Terminator buddy but the Scorpions won, killing them again!   They then consolidated around the point where Thrawn might rise again, near the enemy objective.

The Guardians finished the Interceptor and consolidated downwards to contest an objective. 

Draigo moved and shot the Farseer plus the bike and should have killed the Farseer but we forgot that his armor had been stripped in round 1.   That was my fault although it didn't impact the game any.

A lone Paladin landed right in front of the Reapers in my ruin and shot at them, in easy reach of most of my units.

The Reapers continued the onslaught and again could not hurt the Paladin unit much, dropping only the second Paladin of the fight, the lone one that had just landed.  Had they not, he would have struck at the Reapers in the ruin in all likelihood.

The Farseer joined forces with the reapers in my building after they moved down and out to him., to contest the middle objective and protect him.  The D-Cannons and other Reapers unloaded as did the Autarch and Warp Spiders north of Draigo...and did nothing to them.  The other two units of Warp Spiders got shots in also on the rear end of the unit but did nothing.  Fun.

Jetbikes roared towards the enemy objectives, taking all three.

Score:  Eldar-36  Draigowing-0

Round 5:
Draigo shot and forced one of the Jetbike units to flee the field for good, freeing one of his objectives.  Thrwan rose up and struck again to contest one.  That was pretty muc it for them. 

The Eldar, now dangerously close  to the Draigowing unit, fired everything and with every Warp spider and gun in the army, managed to finish a single Paladin off.  depressingly ineffective.  The only thing that went right was Thrawn dying again to Striking Scorpion fire.  Lol.

Score:  Eldar-27  Draigowing-0

Round 6: 
Draigo charged, killing the reapers and Farseer and claiming the objective solidly.  Thrawn did not rise again.

The Eldar responded with everything, killing nothing.

Game ended. 

Score:  Eldar-24  Draigowing-9

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