Sunday, November 26, 2017

8th Edition Soup

The soup armies abound.  I am seeing a strong reason being given to create armies that are appropriately themed and I thank Games-Workshop very much for that.  The Detachments and Matched Play rules along wit hthe restrictions on abilities if you dont go with a theme all appeal to me.

Despite the reasons they have created to encourage variety in lists and a move universal way for people to build things, I am seeing the inevitable abuse.

Soup armies are armies that take let's say...  Two Astra Militarum Regiments and put them together to form a better Brigade.  However because you have to Factions represented within the Brigade (Militarum Tempestus and Cadian) you get strategems from NEITHER faction that are pareticular to them because you've mixed the Brigade.  Orders are limited to the units that are in particular of that orders faction which is less of a problem, but still an issue.  To fill a Militarum Tempestus Brigade you need Astra Militarum help.  Not much of it, but you do.  The result is that certain options are lost.

The "Soup" armies have a lot of advantages but in competitive play it's lots of headaches because TO'saren't carefully looking at lists as they check them in to make sure they are registering for the right faction.  That in turn can affect a legitimate players standings later because people aren't correctly getting points for the correct "Soup" faction like Astra Militarum but are instead claiming to be Valhallan.  This is allowing someone to play a, Astra Militarum force while garnering the Vallhallen points they think are easier to compete at..

I really hope that players will help TO's identify the incorrect army registrations before their first games and let someone know.  This trouble only gets fixed if the squeaky wheel starts squeaking. 

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