Wednesday, December 21, 2016

6th Elvensword Ambassadorial Grand Tournament

We have evolved.

This year marks the 6th time we will have run our tournament and it is ascending to GT status this year.  We've come a long way from the desolation that 6th Edition imposed on some 40K communities.  Some of it is just people being petty and playing the role of armchair captains of industry, parsing every decision Games Workshop makes and nit picking until they have talked themselves out of enjoying the game.  Oh those unfortunates.  Some of it was a legitimate series of responses to an increasingly violent roll out schedule that left many people so bruised and battered they couldn't see straight.  If the books and the roll out were more reasonably priced, perhaps 6th Edition would have been better received.  Who knows?  Who cares?

The point is, numerous organizers like me had to resurrect or resuscitate as the case may be, a community in disarray.  This tournament was a central part of my attempts, though a lot of smaller fun events went into it as well.  A lot of hard working TO's deserve some credit here.

The Elvensword Ambassadorial GT is sponsored by some great companies I'd like to thank.  The website, which is excellent, has been a great tool for us and it immediately added gravitas to the event.  Jive Consulting can do one for any tournament, using any format, nationwide.   George Allen Butler is a soldier and an author who contributes directly and liberally, which gave our event the freedom to be more creative and financially lucrative for its players.  He is our title sponsor and his books, the Fox Elvensword trilogy, are available on Amazon here..  Our prizes last year for the players last year exceeded $1300 and this year we may even exceed that.  It's awesome to be able to offer that to players.  We also provide free door prizes and we feed the Ambassadors who attend a big meal and provide drinks and snacks for them free of charge.  Our venue, the Game Matrix made that possible and their support has been well above and beyond other game stores.  My own insurance agency sponsors it as well, providing the back end support we need to make it all work.

I went ahead and did a battle report of the very first mission that will be played at the GT.  It, like all of them, are a custom mission.  Feel free to comment on YouTube or here if you prefer.  keep in mind, I am no pro photographer, but it came out looking decent and pretty easy to see.

I hope you enjoy it.  The lists and mission information are all on the YouTube channel.  If you wish to attend the GT this year, it will be one of the last available to you before the end of the ITC season, and it will be a full on ITC event.  So snatch up the few remaining openings if you can and come enjoy the fun, the prizes, the ITC ranking points and the challenge. Here is a link to our rules, missions, and registration.  Everything a growing gamer needs to attend!  6th Elvensword Ambassadorial Rules link

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