Monday, October 31, 2016

Dark Eldar Battle Report

Here's a quick hitter of a battle report for you.  I wrote it in my usual cinematic style.  Enjoy

My Dark Eldar fought the Hammer of the Emperor. Quarters deployment.

They brought Knight Commander Pask and his three tank unit along with a bevy of other tanks. there must have been four or five Chimeras, 6 Leman Russ variants and a bunch of soldiers sprinkled in along with Wyverns (Wyverns are so good!).

The Dark Eldar skulked in ruins while the enemy fired a couple of shots, glancing a Raider but otherwise leaving them unharmed under the cover of night. The hornets nest was ruffled and the Raiders screamed across the gulf between the two forces, occupying the center of the Battlefield, while the Ravagers took shots at the Demolisher to silence its gun for a round. Pask ordered his men to open fire and they obliterated the Dark Eldar Warlord, his transport and all but one of his (now wounded) Abberations thanks to the devastation wrought by the Wyverns. First Blood and the glory of slaying the Warlord went to the Emperors finest. The Emperors mailed fist also smashed at the hulls of other transports, finally dumping the other Grotesque unit out unceremoniously in the middle of the field.
The smiles quickly faded as reserves arrived. The BeastMaster lashed his dark Menagerie from the shadows and into the fray, coming from reserve on the enemies southern flank, while a venom far in my deployment zone alighted to the ground to start handling objectives. Overhead screamed the dread engines of none other than the VoidRaven Bomber. Thanks to his adroit disposition of Troops, Pask forced the Bomber to have nowhere to land and drop its bomb, so it was left to attempt the murder of the Wyverns without it. It killed one while stunning and tearing at the other.

Meanwhile, the lone Abberation that was allowed to live smashed into the damaged Demolisher and wrecked it.  The Court of the Archon streamed forth and smashed both Commander Pask and one of his two attendant tanks into oblivion, leaving the third barely functional. The Grotesques smashed into the blockading Chimeras, tearing them asunder. The full on wrath of the Archons was made manifest in that moment.  The blood orgy could begin.
The Executioner turned around and blasted the Court of the Archon knowing that to do so left the dangerous Abberation behind it.  Most of his compadres joined in until only two Sslyth and an Ur-Ghul remained, in vengeful counter fire. The IG Command team revved their engines and moved to a better position to fire their bombardment from next turn, while the Remaining Chimera made a mad dash to try and secure objectives later, hiding its bulk in the shadows of a large central building from the Ravagers. The Guardsman unleashed their firing fury to help protect the Wyvern while they could. Pasks remaining tank took aim and fired on the Sslyth as well but it was looking grim as the Incubi had silently arrived in the back of the Imperial Guardsmans deployment zone like a lightning bolt the previous turn.  It was made ready to form the anvil to the BeatsMasters hammer next round. Nothing seemed to work for the Guardsman entirely even though all their units got good production overall. The jinking thing that held the incubi was able to survive, albeit losing its weapon and becoming stunned.
The Dark Eldar VoidRaven Bomber streaked overhead and damaged a Chimera with its bomb and ended the Wyverns. The Incubi gushed out like ichor from the wounded Raider and obliterated a unit of guardsman. The Executioners tank commander fell to the remaining Abberation who tore open the hatches with abandon and ripped flesh and bone asunder.  The second unit of guardsman next to the Incubi were no more fortunate, killed by the Court of the Archon they had devastated with their fire.  The Sslyth advanced undaunted after overwatch killed their Ur-Ghul. The Court of the Archon was exultant and victorious. The BeastMasters , having arrived last turn, smashed into Pasks last remaining Leman Russ and killed it while the undamaged unit of Grotesques killed everything in front of them. One Ravager immobilized itself but the other didn't, slicing forward and around the large central building to kill the insolent Chimera that made a dash for objectives. All that was left was the Commander and his Chimera, surrounded on all sides, back in his original deployment zone.

A flutter of hope approached, as a lone Vindetta screamed from the skies, its fellows having been destroyed in the stratosphere above on the way in, one assumed.  It fired down on the Voidraven bomber but only glanced it. The Company Commander ordered his Master of Ordinance to fire on the clumped up BeastMasters, which he dutifully did, annihilating a huge clump of them in the center of their bunched up arrangement around the now dead dead Leman Russ.
And then his Commander pulled the pin on his grenade, to disallow any of them from being captured alive. For only the fortunate die in Dark Eldar raids and they knew it.  They now count themselves among the fortunate.
Dark Eldar Victory.

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