Friday, June 10, 2016

Guest Articles

Starting soon I am going to hand pick a few guest articles to appear here.  I do not like to post as often as some blogs, once or twice a month is the norm.  I do that because I want to actually have something to say instead of whoring for clicks as seems the norm.

Those contributors will be people whose judgement I actually trust on the subject and I will of course edit them to make certain the work has value and is presented in a great form for you, the reader.

If you feel particularly qualified to speak on a certain topic, you can e-mail me at so that we can discuss it.  I am not looking to do this all the time, but recent conversations have made clear to me that there are some pretty great insights we could be sharing here, and the best people to speak to them are the ones who have the most passion for it.

A recent example was a rather contentious discussion on a large forum wherein the member of the forum is pretty much constantly down on his Blood Angels.  Knowing someone who is very good with them, I started a discourse with him and I think his insights will be valuable.  Be looking for that help soon.

If you've been looking for help on a particular subject, army or whatever, let me know.  I know a lot of really good generals who might know what you want to know if I do not.  My prerequisite in general for posting here is that someone out there would actually care what we have to say.  If people are silent on something, why waste the space here to address it other than just senationalizing no-news?

Feel free to post below any ideas for guest articles you think I should pursue.  Thank you for your input and for visiting to hear what I have to say once in a while.  I appreciate you all for the comments you've left and your contributions to my processing of ideas.  the Unorthodoxy Empire grows.  If you have friends who might find my unorthodoxy useful, steer them here as well.  The more the merrier.


  1. My name is Drew. I am interested in seeing an article on use of airplanes. Especially Tau bomber/fighter. I am trying the new formation this month, but I am basically brand new to the game so my insights will not be as directed.

    I ask especially in light of the new airplane book which I read about... and a common thread is that people will simply ignore it though I am excited about the new rules and hope to use them when I can (though as a teacher I am broke and need to buy more models before buying supplement books).

    1. Ah. Well while you wait on that request, let me offer you this article i wrote on the Tau planes.

    2. Let me know if you find it useful.


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