Sunday, May 4, 2014

100,000 Fists in the air!

Well guys, it wasn't a fast ascent by any means, but I would like to thank you all with this little missive.  Thanks to your interest, our little blog here has reached the 100,000 page view mark.

What I am proud of here is that we didn't have to artificially pump those numbers with inane and near utterly useless and unremitting rumor mongering.  It seems the way to get interest these days is to be a guy  a guy who happens to be the uncles, cousins mother-in-laws sisters room mate of a GW employee who saw something somewhere and drew a vague conclusion that any infant could have thought up to package in a fortune cookie....  and then post it.  Not surprisingly I suppose, it does work.

I've attempted in this blog to be interesting, and to provide actual tactica, thoughtful list building sessions and most important, to show that the world of 40K can be a lot more interesting than the pundits would have you believe.  Lacking the panache of some, and having not posted just to keep traffic up, I probably didn't do myself any favors.  On the plus side at least I know the 100,000 page views were sincere interest by you the reader and in the end, that is a compliment for which I thank you.

Of course the next worthy goal might be 250,000, and naturally at a bit faster pace.  Feel free to share the blog with people and to enjoy the past posts, which are packed full of what I thought at the time would be useful datum and insight.  Feel free to correct me on THAT point if I'm just fooling myself.

Not much will change moving forward.  I own a business, have a family and play a lot of war games so time to write will be at a premium but here's my pledge to you:  What I post here will come from actual experience on the battlefield and will be a sincere effort to feed the brains of Generals looking to make that unorthodox idea work.

If you have ideas or questions about units or tactica, feel free to send them to me and I will respond.  Thank you.  Now put your fists in the air in victory.  Let's do it again a lot sooner!

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