Monday, June 3, 2013

New Eldar: Old theme, new look.

I went through the codex to update my Eldar list.  As many of you have done, I wanted to see whether the old hat fits on the new head, so to speak.  Here is what the old list looks like, updated for 6E and the new Codex: Eldar!  Feel free to comment.

**85pts  Aegis Defense Line (Icarus LasCannon)

**130pts  3 Dark Reapers (Exarch with Tempest Launcher+Fast Shot)

**130pts  3 Dark Reapers (Exarch with Tempest Launcher+Fast Shot)

**165Pts  Vaul's Wrath Support Battery (3 x D-Cannons)

68pts  4 Windrider Jetbike Squad

68pts  4 Windrider Jetbike Squad

**120pts  10  Guardian Defenders (Eldar Missile Launcher w/Plasma and Starshot Missiles)

**120pts  10  Guardian Defenders (Eldar Missile Launcher w/Plasma and Starshot Missiles)

**96pts  8 Rangers

186pts  8 Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Claw and Crushing Blow)

187pts 8 Warp Spiders (Exarch w/ TL DeathSpinner. Pair of Powerblades)

187pts 8 Warp Spiders (Exarch w/ TL DeathSpinner. Pair of Powerblades)

187pts 8 Warp Spiders (Exarch w/ TL DeathSpinner. Pair of Powerblades)

140pts Autarch (Shard of Anaris, Banshee Mask, Warp Generator, Fusion Gun)

128pts Autarch (Warp Generator, Fusion Gun, Scorpion Chainsword, Faolchu's Wing)


Like all my armies, this one is designed to go second.  As you might expect, lest the enemy force my hand, I will be reserving many units.

The Aegis takes on aircraft, manned in all likelihood by Guardians.  The Reapers will be clustered in hiding somewhere whenever possible, as the unit is small enough to fit in very small LOS blocking spaces.
Vaul's Wrath will deploy centrally in most missions, though the enemy could dictate that given its range.  Rangers will, in most missions, deploy and begin grounding or whittling Monsters, or just trying to cap the Powerfists et al in enemy units that are likely to storm the castle.  If it makes MORE sense, I will switch out the Rangers for Infiltrating Scorpions, but I prefer to threaten the outflank in most games.  Even when I end on the wrong side it affects enemy deployment knowing they can do it and Line Breaker is as good as a kill a lot of times.

The rest of the forces are in reserve.  Wind Riders are for stealing objectives.  Scorpions are there to Line Break and punish units that stray too close to the edges when they are not initially deployed;  and their stealth will help keep them alive and upright if the enemy takes an interest in them after they show up.

The three Warp Spider units will Deep Strike and can provide the punch and volume to take out the enemy forces, preferably on the same side the Scorpions come in on so the Scorpions can support them.

The Autarchs are there to make sure the operation goes smoothly.  Though only ONE of the Autarchs is allowed to affect the roll to bring reserves in (boooooo), you are now explicitly allowed to do so separately for each unit (Yaaaaaay!), so having two ensures that we can influence reserves if one goes down.  In addition, the Autarchs are quite accurate and deadly for tank hunting.  If they need to break off and do that, they can.  One of them is even capable of taking out Mephiston, which by the way I shed zero tears over.  Anything that kills Mephiston is worthwhile and wholesome.  No greater kudos can be gained than to down that monster and laugh as the Gawds do.  For he is evil and must be stopped at all cost.


  1. Certainly unorthodox :) do you have the models? If so let us know how its plays out.

    What do you think of our farseers randomly generating their powers now?

    Also everyone says take warlocks for your guardian squads however with ld 8 I can see lots of warlock head exploding with no ghosthelm. What u think?

  2. Yes I have all these models. As you might recall from a previous post, I used this KIND of army before. I lost 20% of my games with it. Those were all 6E games using the old codex. I don't anticipate a REDUCTION in efficacy.

    I am okay with Farseers randomly generating. Though there is a CHANCE they won't get the ones they want, there is ZERO chance they won't get useful ones. The Farseer is actually less expensive than before, his jetbike option got cheaper, and the only downside is that he is Mastery Level 3 instead of potentially 4. Nonetheless, I'd say benefits outweigh negatives slightly. In the name of balance I think it infinitely fair that the Eldar be random like all other Psykers.

    The Warlocks may explode. This is the price of power. =). Honestly it doesn't register as a "concern" to be honest. They are like many upgrades: useful sometimes. I think the key with Warlocks is just to protect them and mximize your chances to use them as best you're able which is stating the obvious, and just accept it when they work rather than relying on it as a "Master strategy". I Don't think their deaths will be pivotal but i think their LIVES may prove so. So the risk/reward is pretty darn good.

  3. That Faolchus wing seems really hard core. I dont think you'd want to put it on a Spiritseer because they probably are going to be in the thick of things and won't be off board to get them a little reprieve like Autarchs will.

    That shard and Banshee mask is a gambit, but it's a good one.

    TL Deathgspinners with BS 5 probably isn't worth taking, The spinneret is 18" though and is pinning i think so that could replace the TL and add something to the unit.

    It may struggle against Raiders, just because the army only really gets one chance at the Raider when it truly matters, but its an awfully good chance. STR 10 on a scatter weapons is kinda scary, and if they hesitate for the first round in anticipation of the Spiders etc... ther Autarchs might be able to crack the shell. and draw the enemy out of it.

    Dark Eldar FnP will not do well against that much STR 6+. Theres ELEVEN blasts per round coming from this unit, so hordes are gonna have to spread out which limits how many can get into melee and how fast they can do it. That could hurt when you consider Guardian rates of fire at the line of scrimmage.

    It's a tough matchup.

  4. Tell me if i'm wrong but doesn't Fast shot, not work on template weapons and that is what a tempest shoots

  5. Template Weapons are the teardrops.

    Blasts are not templates.

    Thats an easy mistake to make. A lot of people who played 3E remember that they used to refer to them as blast "templates" but that terminology is long dead.

    So FLAMERS and weaons that are like flamers use "Templates". Blast weapons use blasts.

  6. Template Weapons are the teardrops.

    Blasts are not templates.

    Thats an easy mistake to make. A lot of people who played 3E remember that they used to refer to them as blast "templates" but that terminology is long dead.

    So FLAMERS and weaons that are like flamers use "Templates". Blast weapons use blasts.

  7. Awe ok that's awesome (pg 6 brb). I was bummed that i couldn't fast shot my EML plasma blasts at my friends fire warriors.
    I am so glad to be proved wrong.

  8. Sometimes being wrong stings so good!

    So Leyzer, what kind of list are you running?

  9. I only recently got back into 40k but here is the list I'm trying out this weekend.

    70 2x Warlocks (At least 1 warlock for conceal, might change dependend on powers rolled)
    100 1x Farseer (Primaris powers, guide and prescience and roll twice on runes of fate if first roll is doom,fortune or storm)

    215 -20 guardians (1xScatter, 1xShruiken cannon)
    355 -20 guardians (1xScatter, 1xShruiken cannon)
    x Waveserpent (twin-scatter, cannon, holo-fields)
    84 Rangers 7x

    85 Vyper (scatter, cannon, holofields)
    70 Vyper (scatter, cannon)
    187 Warpspiders 8x (exarch, fastshot, spinneret)

    319 Dark reapers 4x (exarch, fastshot, EML)
    x Waveserpent (twin-scatter, cannon, holo-fields)
    140 Nightspinner (cannon, holofields)
    140 warwalkers 2x (2xbrightlances)

    85 Aegis (lascannon)


  10. On the Guardians: The Scatter laser wont twinlink the other guns. It only affects other weapons on the model. So is it perhaps better to consider just having the two be Scatter lasers anyways?

    On the Dark Reapers: Tempest Launcher for the win. out of sight artillery that can cover your backside against outflankers = excellent.

    I am assuming the Rangers are in there for Line Breaker?

  11. Guardians: Was going to just have double scatter lasers but needed the points so dropped them to shruikens.

    Dark Reapers: I never liked the tempest because of its low strength. I play mostly against orks and Tau.
    The blast would be good against a unit of fire warriors but not so against crisis suits.

    Rangers: I just like them holding the back field objective sniping out unit captains.

    Anyway I played 2 game this weekend with this list against my friends tau and a friends orks.
    won 1 lost 1.
    tau had 2 riptides, fighter flyer, missile broadside max squad, 2x pathfinders, 3x firewarriors, kroot,
    2x skyray, fireblade and darkstrider.

    A full squad of missile broadsides has so much fire power 24 st7 shots and 12 st5 ignore cover shots.
    I ended up winning this game.
    Guardians are quite effective at taking down riptides (go go bladestorm)
    Mission was the scouring the game ended turn 6 8:2

    The orks just owned me. Nob bikers are so tough with t5 4+cover save and a painboy giving them feel no pain. I made some stupid mistakes so I think I should have done better over all the army did quite well
    Mission was crusade 5 objectives game ended turn 4 9:0

  12. O and I split my one guardian squad into 2 10 man squads and put the one in the wave serpent


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