Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warhammer 40K Double Force Organization (DFO)

What does it add?

I tried to love it but all I can see when I finish a double force org list is the ridiculous levels of Heavy weapons redundancy which stilts the batle in favor unduly towards the person who goes first.  Armies start looking awfully one dimensional.

I do not like the idea that the roll to go first becomes this important.  That is what happens though with nearly every army when you embrace the DFO at tournament.  The SIX Longfangs are GONG to get First Blood if they go first.  It's not an if.  There's no amount of clever deploying that will hide you from so many in order to avoid that.  Imagine a Daemon army where one HALF the army Deep Strikes at the same time and all SIX units deep striking are triple Flamers of Tzeentch.  6 Dominion squads?  Oh yeah.

In the Relic Mission this is a big issue.  First Blood is the key to being able to tie that mission and even if you get the Relic before the guy who goes first, he can ALMOST assuredly tie YOU.  So the main mission isn't even the Relic anymore once he has First Blood which heWILL if he rolls to go first with almost every army.  That might be the case without DFO, you might be thinking, but it would not be the GIVEN it is with DFO.

Lets assume the Relic mission didn't show up in your tourney though.  Best case.  Is first turn still unduely affecting the game with DFO?  It sure is.  With so many heavy units, you can most definitely blow through much more "secure" bodyguards than you used to in round one and that bodyguard unit the Warlord is hiding in better not be one of the types you need to kill in Scourging or the Big Gunz or Purge the Aliens. 

Remember how much people HATED 8th Edition for turning it into a "Horde in the middle" thing instead of a tactical movement heavy exercize?  Now horde units are nearly a must in evey 40K force in order to guard against the heavy weapons overload and some codex's simply don't do that.

Over the course of the game you can still com back from that round 1 beatdown, and as one who tends to make a lot of comebacks with his style of play, I'm not saying you will lose.  But you can never get First Blood again and you're really all but guaranteed to get it with six heavy (or whatever) weapons squads firing.

I like the First Blood objective, but I feel like DFO just stilts things to much to "player 1".

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