Thursday, July 19, 2012

6th Edition Top 5 and Bottom 5

Here are the top 5 rules Changes that I thought GW hit a home run on.

1.  Movement is now by model, not by unit.  So heavy weapons aren't considered moving unless the actual heavy weapon model itself moved.

2.  Snap Fire:  This just makes worlds of sense.  If yer hand can at least reach the trigger, you never know what can happen!

3.  Abolition of the 6" rule.  Did anyone else just think that was...questionable?  Well now it's fixed.  No more getting run off with a tank chassis with all its weapons blown off.

4.  The 2" extra move from Rhinos is gone gone gone.  Me likey.

5.  Challenges.  This has been part of Warhammer Fantasy forever and I'm glad it's in 6E.  Makes Tyranids and many other armies capable of protecting their men a lot easier when thats the goal and allows a more cinematic feel to a fight.  I know that unit leaders just got real popular.

The Bottom 5:

1.  Allies, and to be more specific certain allies.  They just dont make sense in places.  My objectivon is just on the roleplaying/Fluff side.  Violates a lot of it.  I also note that fluff, such as the exterminatus order against Tau was literally just removed altogether in the Tau section of the 6E rulebook (bottom right sidebar).  Many will not have noticed the subtle changes.  Orks are the same way:  a lot of their fluff was subtly changed and certain facts left out that are pretty darn central to the old fluff for these guys.

2.  Building rules and grenades.  Somehow you can only throw one grenade from the unit but when you face a building, you can ALL throw them?  Wierd.

3.  Jump packs can only be used in EITHER the assault phase OR the movement phase.  This was done for the obvious reason that they didn't want 24" assaults, BUT it also means Hammer of Wrath is only usable if you don't jump into range.  There are going to be times when this is a bad thing. 

4.  Hit and run makes you go 3d6, not UP TO 3D6.  Not really clear why, but there you have it.

5.  Rserves that can't assault... any reserves.  Kroot were always good enough to take but definitely on the bubble.  What can save them now?  Many reserve units are now going to be of dubious usefulness, and the one I really have a hard time with is the infiltrating ones.  Those seem like they most definitely should be able to strike but cannot.

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