Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elvensword Ambassadorial Tournament

As the time approaches for this tournament, I am very excited.  It started out as little more than a "good idea we should try" and we did for the first two.  With three sponsors, this should be the best to date.

A lot of the excitement was seeing how well you could do against the universe of other armies out there.  Unlike all the other tournies I have been invited to, this one gives you the chance to experience the feeling that tournaments were really meant to embody.

As a tourney goer, I am hoping for 3-5 great games and a chance to win.  You also want good sportsmanship so the game doesn't feel like drudgery.  Having enough judges is key to good events, not just from the rules standpoint but also observing slow play and other more innocuous forms of seeking advantage.  This event will have enough judges to watch for that.

Having your name forever etched on the Elvensword as proof of your races armed supremacy is cool.  Free food is part of the festivities, and of course, some of the most awesome and useful door gifts I have personally ever seen make this an event that most will remember.

So raise your mugs Ambassador.  We dine now, but know that blades will soon cross in the arena!  You can comment and talk about the tourney here!


  1. When is this tournament going to be? Where do I go to get details on it? I heard little things about it but have never gone.

    And what's this about your name being etched on a sword? Do you mean literally?

  2. The date is likely to be the end of April, though the announcement will be official soon. Just be looking for it. I'll post it here when I get more information. So tune in regular like. =)

    And yeah your name will be literally etched on the Elvensword permanently as will all future winners. It is an awesome piece of hardware. I have pictures of it. Super cool. This tournament is like the Stanley Cup of tournaments (Hockey reference for those who don't know; google it). Only the most powerful Ambassador may wield it.

    And the stuff you get just for representing your army at the tournament is pretty awesome. i can't wait to see who wins it.

  3. May 12th! The date has ben set and the website for this will be up, probably Tuesday so that you can buy your ticket. This is an awesome event. You literally are guaranteed never to play the same codex twice and the give aways are going to rock.

  4. The website is up. Visit it at www.40kambassadors.com

    Yahoo, should be fun.

  5. Missions are posted for this tournament.

  6. The forum will soon be functional but for now we are using this blog to discuss the tourney and anything related to it. I'll link to the forum when it's ready!

  7. Is the forum open yet for the tournament?


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