Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stormfront on the coast

Well western Washington State got hit by an enmormous storm and it knocked power out to about 100K (by last count I looked at) people.  It was a monster.  Obviously between the holidays and that, I haven't been active like I should be and my apologies for that.  No heat, no nothing for a few days.  Lost almost the whole week of work.

However I have been busy working on a Navy SEAL type of list, the Emperors Spear Chapter.  Little is known about them, but I was intrigued by the idea of melding the concept of the SEALS, their armaments and the romanticized hard fought battle of Normandy...  with Space Marines.

My question is, how open would you be to allowing an army like that to be played with special rules and if you were writing them, what Army Special Rules do you think would be appropriate for them?

Below are some ideas that some of us threw around.  We could use some, none or all of them.  Compare them to existing codex rules and see what you think:

1.  Field Medics.  All of the Emperors Spears are elite self contained units that must opperate far from base support and even from Fleet support as their operations are underwater and often covert in nature against targets the fleets would rather not announce their presence to just yet.  Thus, most of the Emperors Spears are given advanced medical training and supplies. Units with this rule may roll a D6 for each unsaved wound, and on a 6+, the wound is bound enough to keep the soldier in the fight.  Regardless of AP or weapon strength, the model is not removed despite his wounds.  This is rolled at the end of the phase, after morale checks.  A unit falling back cannot administer aid to its men.

2.  Take the Beach.  All units with this rule have the Fleet Special rule (much like Shrike provides Raven Guard).  Moving quickly to the attack is paramount for beach landings.

3.  Aquatic Training:  the conditioning involved in underwater environments is necessarily extreme and relentless because of the depths and exertion involved.  From outswimming vicious underwater predators during an atack on underwater cities to just enduring the fathoms of depth, only the finest physical specimens can even hope to compete for a position in the Emperors Spears.  Fighting and acting underwater makes time on the surface seem effortless after a while.  Before forces are deployed roll a D6.  On a 1, the unit is especially well conditioned and has its base initiative changed to one higher for all game purposes, even sweeping advances.

4.  Amphibious:  Emperors Spear units with this rule are able to roll 3D6 for distance instead of 2D6 when there is a water feature as part of the terrain they are moving into, out of or through.  Emperors Spear vehicles are always unaffected by any piece of terrain that contains a water feature and never take difficult or dangerous terrain tests in such a case, even when such tests are caused by an outside agency such as Writhing Worldscape etc...

5.  "Take Cover":  When members of a unit with this special rule are within 2" of a linear barrier such as a wall, fence, hedgehog or other similar linear piece of terrain, they may go to ground, but are allowed a leadership test at the beginning of their turn to break from cover and move normally.  Such bravery and relentless forward progress is expected of all the Emperors Spears.

Feel free to give us your ideas if you have any.


  1. Are you planning any more unorthodox tau tactics posts? I really enjoyed the ones you do have and are looking forward to more. Like, for example, how you make it work without crisis suits?

    1. Of course! Tau are my first army and my truest love in 40K. I played them for two years before I even looked at other armies, which forced me to be a lot better General than otherwise I would have been. No soft landing with Space Marines for me!

      Have you looked at the previous posts. There are several dealing with Tau. Take a look at those, comment if you like and I will keep the Tau coming regularly.


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