Thursday, December 29, 2011

South African Ranking system

In South Africa for example, a club uses a ranking system that I kind of liked (see below). It's a pretty fun way (and reasonably accurate way) to gauge rankings and to encourage a LOT MORE WARHAMMER play. It's also pretty easy to track, which I also like (less book work = more win).

I know a lot of people who dont even want to contemplate their deeds in a competitive way and that's not a bad way to go. Still, it might be fun. It can only help invigorate the hobby and number of games played in any event.

Anyways, here's their system, for your perusal.  I don't know where the ranking system originated, but I like it, so here it is as presented on their website:

Every general starts with 200 rating points, and your rating point total can never go below zero.

At the beginning of every game you compare the rating point difference between the two generals on the following chart:

Point Difference and Rating Points
0-10 **16/16
11-32 **15/17
33-54 **14/18
55-77 **13/19
78-100 **12/20
101-124 **11/21
125-149 **10/22
150-176 **9/23
177-205 **8/24
206-237 **7/25
238-273 **6/26
274-314 **5/27
315-364 **4/28
365-428 **3/29
429-523 **2/30
524+ **1/31

The first number before the asterisk in the Points column is the points that the winner gets and the loser loses if the higher rated general wins. The second number is the points that the winner gets and losers loses if the lower rated general wins the match.

In case of a tie, the higher ranked general loses half they points they
would lose as if they had lost. The lower ranked general gains half the
points they would have gained for a win. If both generals are exactly the same then both generals gain half what they would have gained for a win.

Stewart plays Nevil. Stewart has racked up 274 rating points after 5 victories, while Nevil has lost 5 straight games and now has rating points of 124. The difference between the two generals is 150. On the chart this indexes to 9/23.

This means that if Stewart wins:
Stewart's rating points = 274+9=283
Nevil's rating points = 124-9 = 115

Should Nevil pull off the upset win:
Stewart's rating points = 274-23 = 251
Nevil's rating points = 124+23 = 147

Should the coaches tie:
Stewart's rating points = 274-5 = 269
Nevil's rating points = 124+12 = 136

Their website is at


  1. Holidays are crazy!

    Other clubs use this system, it's not unique to that site. The clubs that I know about like to use it for figuring out fair matchups. The one I know best takes and draws randomly from the bottom 6, middle 6 and top 6 (or however many there are) so you are roughly getting an even matchup. In the second round, since you know the rankings, it's easy for all the winners to once again be paired according to their overall rankings.

  2. There are tournaments in the "near" area that do it by actual army list matchups. Team captains figure out the matchups for their team. The underlying assumption there is that the list is the biggest thing.

    I think that is one of many great ways to do it. One thing that "Army Matchups" fail to do is recognize how good some Generals really are. Contrary to the "Im okay, you're okay" mentality, Generals are not created equal and some Generals can compete with a list they got handed five minutes before the tourney began.

    People who play more usually do better and those who do better win more tournies. A Ranking system that shows that difference could help balance things.

    That way you aren't feeding the children to the wolves in the first couple rounds, so to speak.


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