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Battle Report for you fans of the new Sisters of Battle Codex

Battle Report:

Enemy Force:
3 Longfangs squads (Lascannons mostly)
2 units 5 Grey Hunters in Rhinos
2 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Stormshields and a Frostblade)
2 thunderwolf Cavalry (Stormshields and a Thunderhammer)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry (StormShield and Frostblade)
Canis Wolfborn
Njal StormCaller
Bjorn the Fell Handed (Plasma Cannon)

My force:
Penitent Engine
8 Retributors (HB’s)
2 units 10 Sisters of Battle  (flamers) x1 Rhino
5 Celestians (Combimelta, melta, multimelta) x1 Rhino
6 Sisters Repentia
Arch-Confessor Kyrinov
Canoness (eviscerator)
Battle Conclave (4 arcos, 4 assassins, 2 Crusaders) in Rhino
Sororitas Command Squad
Immolator (TL Multimelta)
10 Dominion (4xMeltas) in Rhino
6 Seraphim (Flame Pistols)

round 1:
Retributors kill three longfangs on the left flank;  They success on morale.
Dominion scout forward and then move forward to kill exactly 1 Longfang.  Lol.
Seraphim in Reserve with the troops, but their Sisters of Battle rhinos are used!
All forces surge forward to central midboard, forming a “pin” for the Penitent Engine to stop it from going the wrong way.
Exorcist shoots Njal but fails to kill him but does pin him.
POP POP POP goes the smoke on all five chassis.

Bjorn stays behind a hill waiting, while Canis lurks in reserve with the Thunderwolf Cavalry…
The Longfangs take aim and fire a serious amount of firepower, immobilizing a rhino, stunning the Repentia Rhino, Shaking the Celestian one and failing to kill the Penitent Engine despite a penetrating hit, thanks to the cover provided by the Rhinos.
The Stormcaller rolled a 6 on the chart for his cool ability despite being pinned (apparently it just happens automatically!).  Wow.
The Grey Hunter on the far left flank trundles to a building for cover along the short board edge, hoping to seize the unguarded objective over there, as none of my forces are really on that side.  The other Grey Hunters are in their rhino atop a hill to the forward right deployment zone, preparing to take the right side objective eventually.  The center objective will be the job of Canis’s crew later.

Round 2:
No reserves came in!

The Repentia Sisters are forced out of their Rhino.  They move, fleet and charge the unit of Longfangs on the hill, rolling a perfect 6 to get there!  The Longfangs hold their ground and remain engaged.

The Exorcist fires but once, and the Dominion whiff utterly, but it forces Njal to become pinned again.  The Retributors try to finish the longfangs on the left flank and completely fail to kill anything.  That coulda gone better.  The Penitent Engine headed towards the Grey Hunters on the hill to the right, blindly following its rage.

Celestian Rhino moves forward full tilt up the middle and to the left to take cover near a small structure there.   The Battle conclave moves within striking distance of the centrally deployed Longfangs near Njal and then strikes!  The longfangs miraculously survive and tie them up.

The Sororitas Command Squad jumps out Relentlessly, blowing up the Grey Hunter Rhino on the right.

The Thunderwolf Cavalry arrive.  Ruh roh shaggy, game on.  One unit goes to the left near the longfangs to pincer me once I get out of the Rhinos, the other two up the gut.  One of them attacks the Battle Conclave to help their comrades, while the other moves up the field at all possible speed and tags into the Dominion Squad to protect their leader Njal from MeltaDeath.  The Sisters of Battle stand their ground on both ends but take losses, perfect for the Thunderwolf Cavalry to avoid getting shot up.

The LongFangs on the left respond, firing back at the Celestian Rhino, stunning it again (no cover but Shield of Faith kicked in and avoided a penetrating hit, yahoo!)
Central Longfangs fought for their life, but to no avail, dying to the Battle Conclave.

The mighty Bjorn the Fell handed came out to play to save his beloved Longfangs on the hill from the Sisters Repentia.  He could not save them, but did kill all but two Repentia Sisters.  The Shield of Faith saved one of the two.  The Dreadlord and the Repentia Sisters were locked in mortal combat, which was perfect.for Bjorn since it was my turn next and he was in no jeopardy of losing that fight!

Round 3:
The Exorcist blew the last of the longfangs on the left away, while the Penitent Engine crashed forward, now changing directions towards the Thunderwolf Cavalry that currently beseiged the Battle Conclave.  The Retributors fired on the lone Thunderwolf cavalryman on the left but could not kill him (1 wound).  Ugh.
The two reserved Sisters of Battle came onto the board edge and ran towards the central and left objectives.
Kyrinov and The Celestians hopped out and shot the lefthand Thunderwolf cavalryman to finish the job.
The Sisters Repentia were overmatched and died to Bjorn the Fell Handed.
The Sororitas Command Squad moved forward to get a better line of sight since they could not see the cowering Grey hunters behind the dead shell of their rhino on the right.  This would turn out to be a mistake on my part soon….
The BattleConclave continues to fight the Thunderwolf cavalry.
Meanwhile the Dominion barely survive the continued attentions of the Thunderwolf cavalry.  Luckily its number of attacks weren’t great.
The Thunderwolf Cavalry that are fighting the Battle Conclave close to the board edge lose on their turn, but the Battle Conclave is badly damaged now, and standing before Njal.
The Thunderwolf cav fighting the Dominion breaks them on his turn but they get away!  He’s left out in the open.
Canis Wolfborn charged the Sororitas command squad which had unfortunately gotten too close.  Canis was surprisingly ineffective against the armor and FnP of the unit!  Canis ended up losing combat and FLEEING to within one inch of the board! 

Njal used his power to destroy the enemy Rhino that the Dominion had used for lack of a better unengaged target as well as tried to get the dominion and Battle Conclave with another power.  Nasty.
Bjorn the Fellhanded came down from the mountain and charged the Battle Conclave, beating them to a pulp with only 3 left in the unit.  Once again, not even close ot a fair fight.

The troops continue to skulk near the right and left objectives.  The one on the left gets out so that the rhino can completely hide while the troops can split up and go into a building next turn, to force the enemy to fire at two targets now that its obvious that the Sisters of Battle Reserves are going to be able to stop them from taking the left side objective unless one of the two units can contest it.

Round 4
The Exorcist, Retributors and regrouped Dominion combine to try to kill the last Thunderwolf Cavalry unit .  Really tough to kill!  They fail.
The Penitent Engine roars towards the troops on the right hill, now redirected once more.
The Sisters of Battle rush the objectives in the center and left.
Kyrinovs Celestians blow Njal away with meltas.
The Immolator tankshocks the troops on the right side hill and sends them running.
The Battle Conclave survives Bjorn with one guy left, barely.
Seraphim Deep strike in and toast all but one grey Hunter on the left.
Canis runs off the table, too close to the Battle Conclave to regroup.
The Cavalry we failed to kill charged and kills the Canoness, but is destroyed simultaneously by her Eviscerator.
The Grey Hunters on the right rally and clamp grenades on the Immolator but just stun it.
Bjorn kills the Battle Conclave.  Finally!  But the damage is done.
The rhino rushes the left objective while the guy climbs inside the building to escape the Seraphim.  Unfortunately, he forgot how buildings and Flamers work…

Round 5;
Bjorn is riddled with shots by several units and becomes immobile and loses his heavy Flamer.  His shields save him from utter annihilation.
The Penitent Engine comes to within striking of the Grey Hunters on the right side hill who were desperately hoping to survive and sneak an objective.  Next round…
The Seraphim cook the Grey Hunter on the left in his coffin.  Oofta.
The Sisters of Battle charged the offending Rhino that was on their objective and blew it to kingdom come. 
“Krak Grenades for every Sister if I am elected!”

The defiant Grey Hunters, the last thing on the board besides the great Bjorn, charged the Immolator again and tried to use the movement to get to the right objective and avoid the Penitent Engine.  Sadly they could not kill it, though they did kill its gun and immobilize it.
Bjorn fired his plasma cannon into the dominion and killed all five and I went to pick them up when someone around the table reminded me of the Shield of Faith…but WAIT!  The Hand of the emperor came down and saved four of them!!!  Wow.  That was a cool moment.  4 6’s and a 5 on the dice.  Yay verily though I walk through the Shadows of Chaos…

Round 6:
Bjorn Dies under a fusillade too great for even him, AND the penitent Engine cooks the Grey Hunters in their own armor, then kills the last one in a rage so vicious that many will tell tales of it (max attacks on the charge against one lonely Marine…ghastly).


I lost a Canoness, Battle Conclave, Rhino and Sisters Repentia.

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