Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In the beginning there was paper, but God created Electrons and he saw that they were good and so he created Blogs, that we might find an outlet for our thoughts and that likeminded people might find reason for duiscussion on those words.  And thus was workplace boredom quenched.

Welcome Interneighbors to a blog dedicated to that which is improbable, but yet effective.  In other words, Unorthodoxy.  My style of Warhammer gaming has often been said to be Unorthodox and "no noe can make the things you do work".  Well, I think you're all a little smarter than that.  So I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and putting this blog here as a monument to the tactica, list building and unusual takes on the usual suspects in the 40K world.

Blogs are meant to be agreed with, debated and despised but as long as you read, I don't care which one you choose.  So begins the Genesis of what I hope will be an informative place to put my crazy lists that could "never work" and the crazy tactics that I like that "will never work".  People can say what they like while I'm standing in the victory circle.  It won't hurt my feelings any. 

This blog will be enjoyed by those who don't have a completely dismissive attitude towards "non-optimal" builds.  It will be enoyed by creative Generals who don't feel that sacrificing a unit here or there for the ultimate victory is a good thing.  It will be enjoyed by those who just like the style of writing I have.  Who knows.  There's even the outside chance I might be able to add to your existing knowledge.  Or not.

So settle in and enjoy.  I will be eagerly looking forward to your responses.

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